Mom has just left the office.
Mary has requested a SafeRide
Tim and Abigail have arrived home.
A SafeZone has been set.
It's approaching bedtime. The security system has been turned on to stay

Sentient Home Services

Accelerating IoT Adoption and Monetization

Autonomous home operations with connected devices

Increase safety, awareness and security for consumers

Door has been unlocked
Tim has arrived home
Abigail has arrived home

The First-Ever Sentient Home Services Platform

The Home.AI platform constantly senses interactions between family members and their smart devices in and around the home. Based on this understanding, Home.AI then takes automated actions to keep the family safe, to improve family logistics, and to help the family home run even more smoothly.

Artificial Intelligence for the Family

Home.AI uses artificial intelligence to understand interactions between people and their environment, automatically taking actions to deliver services to family members based on location, context and observed behavior.

Behavior is the New Interface

How it Works

The Home.AI platform gathers data from connected devices, smart phones, tracking tokens and external data sources. In real-time, deep learning algorithms detect patterns from these inputs, derives role and context from these patterns, and then automatically takes actions on behalf services can be delivered to family members based on location, context and observed behavior.

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