Bringing You Closer to Your Consumers

Some of the smartest companies in the world are pursuing technologies bringing their devices even closer to the family by adding a sentient understanding that they can use to deliver added value services.


Multiple Service Operators provide a huge partnership potential for Already present in the majority of homes, MSOs have a wide array of connected devices waiting to be evolved into an Autonomous Home.

Types of partners

Optimal MSO Partners


Large carriers provide connection to the bulk of the population. With integrated GPS, and other intelligent sensors, carriers have the opportunity to provide their customers with automation beyond the walls of their homes.

Types of partners

Optimal Carrier Partners

The Opportunity to Evolve your Eco-System is a service platform and delivers embedded solutions, SDK and API access to both our ambient intelligence and contextual computing platform. In addition, we provide a long list of services intersecting autonomous operations and logistics solutions for dynamic groups, including our initial segment in the consumer market - the family. We will launch a number of branded services with our partners this year and beyond.

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