Smarter Services for Smarter Families

A dynamic understanding of people and their interactions with smart devices presents huge opportunities to provide families and friends with intelligent assistance. From better running the family home, to keeping people safe and connected outside of the home, Home.AI understands what needs to be done and when, and then does it for you. And, the Home.AI platform is completely cloud based.

Autonomous Actions

Our system learns your behavior and takes actions on your behalf.

Dad returns home from work
Garage door opens, TV turns on
All family members have left the house
Doors lock
It is time for the baby's nap
The T.V. volume is turned down
All household members are at the airport
House goes into energy saving vacation mode App
Dad will be late this evening.
Front door has opened. No one is home.
It is 11:00pm and Kristen has not returned home.
Charlie has woken up from his nap.

Contextual Messages

The system detects anomalies and will notify you with a message sent to your device.

The Connected Kid™

The Connected Kid

In a connected or "Smart" home, children are not relevant because the primary user of the system will directly control the devices in the home on behalf of the family. In an autonomous home, the understanding of the behavior of all members of the household are needed for the system to function correctly and so, children are essential participants and are accounted for when determining the behavior of the system.

Children are segmented into narrow age-based groups and are given age-appropriate, dedicated support and interfaces to enhance participation in the autonomous household and increased awareness for parents.

Connected Nursery

Age range: 0-2. Devices in the nursery bring peace of mind to harried parents through situational awareness and the automatic scheduling of routine services. Monitoring the baby’s well being and alerting parents to unusual conditions are a core function of the connected nursery. The autonomous home component of the connected nursery focuses on setting the environment so that the baby will thrive.

Active Toddler

Age range: 2-5. As the child starts with their first digital experiences, including connected toy play, helps parents by monitoring the child’s usage of the devices. Using low cost, low energy tokens, outside of the home, provides a “tethered” experience so that the toddler can start to roam but remain in the parent’s purview, alerting the parent if the toddler wanders out of range. The parent can observe when a caregiver is with the child and when they are not, alerted by the system when unusual situations occur.

Interactive Kindergartener

Age range: 5-9. As the child starts to leave the purview of the parent at school, has solutions that allow the parent to stay automatically informed of their whereabouts and well being via their interaction with teachers and coaches. Digital play and content consumption patterns are further monitored to allow the parent to remain in control. The autonomous home uses connected toy and token activity to adjust settings in the home.

Adolescent Communicator

Age range: 9-18. When the child receives their first smart phone is when they become a full fledged member of the household, where the home reacts to them as it would to adult members. However, they still require parental oversight and assistance. provides services outside of the home to faciliate the complex schedule, coordination and logistics required by today’s busy adolescents while still providing parents peace of mind that comes from the enhanced awareness of their child’s situation.

Dynamic SafeZone pinpoints the people that matter most - children - and creates a safe zone around them to ensure their safety by deploying a safe zone. This is done automatically when the parent leaves the child in a known location without any of the participants having to manually create a perimeter or the child having to check-in. We continuously monitor the zone to ensure the child’s presence and communicate back to their family members and friends. In the event that the person in the zone leaves or there’s an unusual situation detected, we immediately inform the entire household.

John drops his daughter off at the park.

As he leaves her, detects that they separate and automatically deploys a dynamic safe zone.

The daughter leaves the park when John is not present.

John is notified that his daughter has left the park.

And when John picks her up the safezone is disabled.

Safezone Map Safezone Map Safezone Map
Abby has left the SafeZone.
You have created a SafeZone for Abby.


SafeRide™ allows users of to request rides from one another and manage their transport more effectively. Users are able to broadcast their locations and request rides. This feature is ideal for parents managing the pick-up and drop-off of their children by trusted sources – e.g. grandparents, and neighbors – to assist with scheduling transportation for the family.

Tim's soccer practice is over.
Mom is still at work.
Dad is available.
Safe Ride App
Tim has requested a ride from City Park Soccer Fields to Home
Mom has declined Tim's ride request.
Dad has accepted Tim's ride request.
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