SaaS Platform for Autonomous Home Control is a software-only, scalable, cloud-based system that interfaces with over 250 third party IoT devices to provide autonomous control of the home environment. Our approach to compute-intensive data analysis uses sophisticated learning algorithms and data representations mapped to emerging new device technologies. monitors many different points of data for special conditions and acts on them autonomously. Our technology analyzes user behavioral patterns and activities then turns them into temporal based patterns that can be used to accurately map family members' current or future intent and their corresponding needs.

Artificial Intelligence is a machine learning system that gathers signals from a multitude of devices inside and outside of the home and derives insights from the data (Ambient Intelligence) to take actions on behalf of the household members to control the devices in their environment. The Artificial Intelligence label comes from the ability to recognize changing behaviors and conditions and autonomously adapt the way that the environment is operated to those changing factors. has three areas of interest when it comes to determining the appropriate actions to take when associated with a particular household member or members. The intelligence is derived from the intersection of these:

Location Graph

Movement patterns to assist with probability calculations of actions towards specific locations i.e. home, work, transit, shopping, vacation etc.

Behavioral Graph

A repository of the individual’s actions, interests and interaction with services, applications, shopping, search and activities will help understand the contextual intentions of the individual.

Association Graph

Connection patterns between individuals with other people and most importantly; with the individuals that make up the core household and who needs to account for while taking actions on behalf of the group.

The Trust Graph™

Derived from the Association Graph, the Trust Graph™ is built to facilitate access control to the home and reactiveness of devices to members of the Trust Graph™ and to facilitate the appropriate delivery of services and communications between members, especially children.

Primary User

Maintains control of who is a member of the household and who has access to the home to provide services.

Household Members

Core beneficiaries of the autonomous services both inside and outside of the home.

Extended Family & Friends

Your extended network outside of your home with whom you associate on a regular basis and who may help you with the logistics of managing your kids routines or who need access to your home.

Care Providers

Non-family members who provide a service to you and your kids inside or outside of the home, e.g. babysitters or housekeepers, who have conditional access to your home.

primary user close friends extended family close friends extended family

Token/Beacon for Connected Kid™

For the Child without a Smart Phone uses low cost, long lasting Bluetooth beacons to keep an eye on children and to enable the home to react to their presence. The token is “tethered” to family members who have smartphones. When it is not tethered to a family member, it also anonymously reports into any user that is in close proximity. uses the location of the smart phone reports to provide contextual status of the child so the child’s identity and exact location remains private and only known family members.

A Connected Kid™ without a phone or GPS tracker can still be located.

As a Connected Kid™ passes within range of another user, that user picks up the child's signal.

The user's smart device transmits the child's approximate position to the system so users in the Trust Graph™ are aware of the child's location.

Safezone Map
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